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Urbanna, Virginia

Chili Plunge
Chili Cook-Off

If you believe you make the most delicious chili that’s ever been made then it’s time to put your chili where our mouth is! Enter your unique chili recipe in “The 2020 Chili Plunge Chili Cook-Off” in Urbanna, Virginia on February 15, 2020.

Chili Cook-Off Rules, Guidelines and Schedule

Rules for all competitors

  • Limited to individuals, organizations and non-profits in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck to include all of Gloucester, Mathews, King and Queen, Essex, Lancaster, Richmond and Northumberland counties. At least one member of each team must reside within the designated area.
  • All participants are responsible for providing their own tent, tables, cooking equipment, extension cords, etc.
  • Some electrical outlets will be available for crock-pots but propane burners are encouraged.
  • Chili may be prepared on-site or brought in. We highly recommend cooking your chili on site. Please observe standard food safety guidelines: Chili prepared ahead of time must be chilled rapidly to 40°F or less and transported to the event either hot (140°F or above) or cold (40°F or less) and heated to serving temperature on-site.
  • Five (5) gallon recommended per contestant, however, the more you make the more potential votes you can get.
  • Winners will be chosen at 2pm by people’s choice ballots. Prizes are:
  • Decorate your tent and table area to attract people to your chili!
  • You must stay with your product at all times.
  • Bring toppings and condiments that best compliment your chili.
  • Sample cups & spoons will be provided by Something Different.


CLICK HERE to download the PDF. The PDF can be filled out electronically and emailed or printed and mailed.

Email completed form to:

Mail completed form to:

PO Box 695
Urbanna, Virginia 23175